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Clients and professionals choose Base Academy because of our people. They’ve worked with one of us before, or we’ve been recommended to them. They trust we can make it happen, and they trust that we will build the right team and training program. Each of us has led strategic training programs for dozens of leading brands, corporations and NGO’s. Our trainings and interventions are based on the latest thinking and best scientific evidence around leadership, reputation and change. We are all passionate, dedicated and energetic. And our clients love working with us.

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All trainers in our team have more than 20 years of experience in trainings and interventions that support business success. We keep lines short and tempo high by making sure that you have direct access to the people who get the job done.

Our contagious energy and hands-on trainings have successfully impacted over 1500 senior managers in over 40 cultures. With us you get honest and passionate trainers who will gladly tailor their expertise and training materials to your needs and requests.

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We share knowledge collected from many great thinkers, scientists and leaders across the world. All of our programs are tailor-made to your purpose. We train using real-life examples. Capture your learning in experiential situations and simulations, grow from feedback and create a personal action plan. We teach you models hat are easy to use and apply in your daily business and that help you on your growth journey. We create the experiential freedom and environments for you to play, try out, fail greatly and improve rapidly.