stakeholder mapping

Stakeholder management is essential for addressing complex social and environmental challenges, such as climate change, inequality, and poverty. By engaging with stakeholders and collaborating with them to develop and implement solutions, organizations can contribute to building more sustainable, equitable, and resilient societies.

Stakeholder mapping is a process that involves identifying and analyzing the stakeholders who are relevant to your organization or project. The purpose of stakeholder mapping is to understand the interests, needs, and expectations of different stakeholders, and to prioritize them based on their level of influence and importance.


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English, Dutch


2 hours Zoom session + own work on materials


Anja-Verheij-Köllmann, Jean-François Cancel


Luka Vethake (

At a glance:


• Define your stakeholder strategy
• Define your internal and stakeholders groups


• Analyze and categorize your stakeholders
• Create your stakeholder mapping


• Design your stakeholder engagement plan
• Start stakeholder dialogues with purpose

anja verheij-köllmann
lead trainer

Jean-François Cancel


Facts tell, stories sell.

Andrew Harrington / Entrepreneur, speaker, trainer


Russell Dunn

"There are a multitude of trainers and content experts around, but very few are truly able to transfer that knowledge effectively. The Base team has that ability in abundance and delivers in a way that is both engaging and fun. Their enthusiasm, energy and expertise, combined with the effort they put into understanding the needs and culture of the client is the foundation to their success in creating and delivering learning that works."

Zabna Amer

"Saskia is a born leader: intuitive by nature, professional, and constantly attuned to others' feelings. In a group setting, she is able to anticipate the needs of the group and each member, and is able to positively influence a wide audience. She is a strong believer in personal development and is always willing to show you how to raise the bar. Working with Saskia improved my learning journey."

Helène Erftemeijer

"Still benefiting from your inspirational storytelling workshop. Big ideas are growing and number of fans increasing. Putting your personal tips into daily practice helps us to make extra miles!"

Chris Worp

Hans de Jong

"Anja has a rarely found combination of high professionalism and seemingly unconstrained energy and drive. She is creative, fast and adapts quickly to unexpected situations maintaining her calm and professional composure. I strongly recommend her."

Ruzaliya Zainutdinova

"Saskia provided a lively training on consulting services, public presentation, and public speaking skills during my master’s program on International Communication Management at the Hague University of Applied Sciences. It was an eye-opening experience to learn from such a professional. Saskia is coaching in a clear, understandable, and easy way. I recommend her master classes to anyone who wants to master such skills within a short period of time."

Jacqueline Gearhart

"Anja is one of the best lecturers I have had the pleasure of studying under. She offers expertise in reputation management, intercultural communication, and leadership development through training initiatives and applicable techniques. I highly recommend her not merely as a student but to anyone who wants to enhance their communication skills. Her expertise is invaluable, allowing you to retain the information taught long after your time with her has ended."

Saskia Hofman

"They are great trainers, facilitators and coaches. The storytelling workshop was very inspiring, hands on, refreshing and sparkling because of the trainers."

Roger Karner

"I did work with Saskia in 2016 to further improve my communication skills, especially on stage, talking to a big audience. She is super motivating and clear on instructions how to improve and create a even bigger impact. Most impressive to me has been her ability to provide me feedback on videos of mine in german language - which she do not speak, but her feedback was spot on and I could learn and improve. Thank you Saskia and all the best, Roger"

Ingrid Balogh

"Whatever they do, they do it in a big way. The energy and vitality of their presence take you to places you have not been before. With the way they are, naturally and creatively, Saskia and Anja have a huge capacity to inspire and support people into manifesting their bigger self and bigger purpose. If you want to work with someone who has no fear of stepping into the unknown, who is able to dance with joy on a single rope 20 meters above ground, who disrupts the status quo with ease and grace for the sake of the vision she has for you, who will challenge you to step up in every possible way and has the capacity to hold you in your journey, Saskia and Anja are your best choice!"

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