Storytelling training in an agile work environment (grid leaders)

At Base Consulting, we believe that everybody can master the art of storytelling to capture attention, connect others with their goals and motivate people to engage and act. We delivered a series of storytelling workshops to help Leaders use storytelling techniques to land their business narrative and drive ambition throughout the company. Leaders left ready to inspire their team members and audiences and create a sense of shared purpose.

Inclusive leadership training for multicultural, agile teams

Diversity in the workplace adds to the complexity of managing in organizations. Yet the potential benefits have been demonstrated by many of the world’s leading organizations. More diverse and inclusive workplaces are reported to foster greater creativity, more flexibility, higher productivity and employee engagement. This programme focused on developing the skills and mindsets that help diverse teams work better together.

Blended learning programme design and development for executives and teams

To meet the demands of today’s busy leaders we developed a series of flexible, blended learning modules which combine the best of today’s learning methods to help people develop their skills and competencies when and how it suits them.