Becoming the Algorithm’s Favorite

Niels Wille
social media expert

Niels wille is a social media expert and knows marketing from head to toe. he now trains  at base academy world

  • Low attention span on LinkedIn and information overload due to self mass-communication
  • Opportunity to establish yourself as an influential thought leader
  • Focus on: What’s in it for your audience?
  • Think about what you want to achieve with your post
  • Seduce the reader within the first 224 characters of the post
  • Use easy and entertaining language
  • Select one, simple key message per post
  • Watch your post frequency: scarcity creates exclusivity!
Reading time: ~2min
In 2022, the average LinkedIn session time was about 8 minutes. This attention span is far from overwhelming but we all know the situation: we’re scrolling through our LinkedIn timeline that is cluttered with posts written by people that we often barely know and so we’re knodding everything off until we lose interest and devote our attention to something else.
So, you want to make sure to stand out and hook your readers with shockingly great content. Becoming an influential author on LinkedIn can give you recognition, influence and prestige. You only need how to share your wisdom in a snackable way.

1 What’s in it for them?

Write for the target audience, not from your own pride or interest. Don’t write to transmit, but what does your audience want to receive or see?

2 What’s your goal?

Think ahead of time what you want from your post.

  • Likes: Trigger recognition and a smile within the first sentences.
  • Reactions: Focus on the question you’re asking.
  • Shares: When writing, focus on that.
  • Click-throughs: Think carefully about how to entice them. After all, they are on (for example) LinkedIn, so you have to have a really good offer if they want to leave that channel and see or do something in another environment.

3 Seduce

On desktop, followers only see the first 224 characters of your post, on mobile only the first 90 characters. Ideally you use up all of them.

  • Start with emotion where possible
  • Follow up with context and clarify what the reader can gain from your post
  • Address a broad audience (don’t present your topic too ‘niche’)
  • Omit unnecessary information that doesn’t serve any of the above purposes in the first 224 characters

4 Easy access

We use social media to relax, for entertainment and to consume easy content. So write accordingly. Avoid scientific or jargon specific to your line of work.

5 The rule of one

Limit yourself to 1 key message per post. This way your content becomes clearer and more reader-friendly.

Tip #1: Treat your topic like a computer storage system. Start with the main topic, break it up into subtopics (folder) in which you can elaborate on very specific aspects (files). 

Tip #2: You can dissect a complex topic into multiple posts which you can easily schedule ahead, so you don’t have to worry about posting for a while.

6 Lifetime of posts

The lifespan of a LinkedIn message is 24 to 48 hours or longer if it receives sufficient engagement.

Try to post once or twice a week at most: it’s better to have 1 great post per week instead of having 2 mediocre posts per week.

Do you have great ideas but feel like you’re not getting heard on LinkedIn? Are you a bit lost in the post overload and need to find your own voice in all of this?

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